Saturday, January 8, 2011

Long Runs and Cupcakes

We are going into the third week of January and one of my few New Year's resolutions is to update my blog posts more frequently. Now that I do not have a big Ironman race to train for my mind often wonders in different directions thinking phrases such as "now what?" and " what is the next big thing to work towards?". While the daily grind of being a teacher and other daily obligations keep my mind busy, it is during frequent long runs I ponder such questions.

It is no surprise to most people when I say that I want to have my own cupcake bakery. Ever since I was a young child my interest was on Kitchen Aid mixers and using my cake decorating kit my Aunt Liz bought for me. This hobby and passion led me to my first job in a Wegman's Bakery while in High School. I enjoyed it so much that I considered going to culinary school for baking and pastry arts. For some reason and to this day I am still not sure as to what led me astray, I went in another direction and went to school for nutrition and dietetics.
During my time in school my running background grew into cycling. I met a woman named Tracy Corey at Plattsburgh University in New York who put the bug back in my ear about doing a triathlon. It had been years since I thought about a triathlon, perhaps since I dreamed of competing in an Ironman back when I was twelve years old. Although, I never did an actual triathlon while at PSU, the thought stayed in my mind all the way until I transferred to Florida State in Tallahassee. While finishing up my degree, I met Chris and Erinn Gelakoska. They pushed me to do my first race and from that point on I was back on track to achieve my dream of qualifying and completing Ironman Hawaii. Now that this dream has become reality, I am focusing my energies into a passion that has worked synergistically along the way. However, I am taking the steps to bring it to the next level: The Cupcake Farm.

I did not want to post a blog entry about my business venture but now that Ironman Hawaii is over, I feel as though this is the next big thing in my life. I am not jumping into anything too quick and not even thinking about a store front just yet. My goal right now is to try some of the Farmer Markets in the Denver area and start to establish a name and promote my product, the rest will go from there.

In the meantime, while I plant my seeds and raise my chickens, I continue to find balance in my life. My meditation and release to everyday stressors are through my long runs. Ultra running to some is a crazy sport-perhaps more so than Ironman triathlons. However, I find something about LOONNGG distance running that helps keep me grounded every time I finish a run. I can not end this post without mentioning my boyfriend Jeff. He has been one of my most supportive people in my life. Nobody has ever biked next to me for over 3 hours while running or withstood a 6 hour bike in 100 degree heat to help me achieve my goals. It is great to share my life and training with such an amazing guy and I look forward to helping him in pursuit of his athletic goals.

And so here I am with no great event to report yet as Tom Olsen once said to me, "This is a quiet time", and this time may be just that. However, it is the quiet times in life where we prepare for greatness, again.

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